Survarium Update 0.45a5 is on the PTS!

Play Survarium 0.45a5 on the Public Test Server! Survarium update 0.45a5 is available on the Public Test Server! To participate in the test, please download new game version or update your PTS version. You can install the PTS version simultaneously with public Survarium version 0.44. Temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

The changes are relative to the previous version Survarium 0.45a2 on the PTS. Also read about the major changes in Survarium 0.45 preview

Survarium 0.45a5 PTS Change Log


  • Introduced Daily Quests.
  • You will receive a reward for each of the Daily Quests.
  • Complete all 3 Daily Quests and receive an additional reward: a box that contains various items including rare equipment (with a small chance).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all known issues that lead to crashes of the matchmaking servers.
  • Fixed issues when using a mouse with a high poll rate.

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