Survarium Update 0.46 is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Update 0.46 is live! Survarium Update 0.46 is now live! Please find the complete list of changes or watch the video overview of the update below. Have a good time playing the game!

Thank you for your help with testing version 0.46 on the Public Test Server. The PTS is closed until the next update.

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Survarium Update 0.46 Change List

Don't want to read through the complete list? Watch the video highlighting the main features of Survarium 0.46!

Thanks to Bob Baker for the voice overs in the video!

The Complete List of Changes in Survarium Update 0.46


  • Updated penetration parameters of different objects and materials, pemetration mechanic was reworked.
  • Headshot damage modifier increased from 250% to 300%.
  • Damage modifier when hitting a hip increased from 80% to 100%. Leg (below the knee) damage remains the same.
  • Only one equipment profile is available by default. Premium account unlocks two more profiles.
  • Stationary supply boxes now have a cooldown. You can use the box every 120 seconds. Resupply time is now 1.5 seconds.
  • Frenzy bonus decreased from 25% to 15%.
  • Base character movement speed increased by 10%.
  • Maximum possible character speed is now 130% of the base speed.
  • Bots' behaviour during firefights was improved.
  • All characters' abilities were reset. Don't forget to distribute the ability points!

Weapons, Equipment, and Special Items

General Changes

  • Number of equipment tiers decreased from 10 to 5.
  • Parameters of weapons and equipment were changed correspondingly.
  • "Weight" parameter has been replaced with "Speed". Weapons and equipment now reduce character speed by a certain percent.

Weapon Mechanics Changes

  • Every weapon now has its own recoil pattern with a small element of randomness.
  • Dispersion when aiming down the sights is removed, dispersion when shooting from the hip is decreased.
  • Shooting in short burst is now easier, especially when using an assault rifles.
  • Shotguns no longer have slugs.
  • Shotguns now have "Shot Grouping" parameter instead of "Accuracy". We have also removed random pellet dispersion. These changes should make hitting with a shotgun more predictable.
  • Effective distance now means a maximum distance at which weapon inflicts maximum damage (previously it was distance after which weapon inflicted minimum damage). Because of this displayed effective distance is now generally lower. But in fact distance is now higher for many weapons.
  • The majority of weapons now have two types of bullets: common and armor-piercing.
  • Common bullets: effective distance and penetration are equal to the weapon's base stats.
  • Armor-piercing bullets increase penetration but decrease effective distance by 10%.
  • Weapons now have "Stopping Power" parameter. The bigger it is, the more a character is slowed down when hit from that weapon.
  • Pistols don't belong to a certain faction now. You get access to all pistols of certain tier by reaching that tier in any faction.
  • Pistols now have a separate ammo count and don't substract ammo for your main weapon. This allows you to equip a pistol and ammo for it and have maximum amount of ammunition for your main weapon.
  • All pistols are now drawn faster.
  • All sniper rifles now have "Bleed Chance" parameter which is displayed in percentage.
  • Bleeding inflicts 50 damage over 5 seconds. Bleeding starts in 1 second after a character was hit.
  • New weapon type: carbines. Several rifles that used to belong to sniper rifles category are now considered carbines.
  • Parameters of all weapons were changed accordingly to the new weapon mechanics.

Armor Parameters Changes

  • Armor now has 3 types: light, medium and heavy.
  • The heavier armor is, the more it decreases incoming damage and character speed.
  • Armor now has an additional tip. It shows (in percentage) decrease of incoming damage from a weapon of similar tier, lower tier and higher tier.
  • Armor sets are now available: the more pieces of the same set you have, the more bonuses you get. Sets provide up to 3 bonuses (for equipping 2, 3/4, and 5/6 set items).

Special Items

  • Base number of slots for supplies decreased from 2 to 1.
  • Base number of slots for medkits increased from 1 to 2.
  • Every faction now has a medkit with a unique effect.
  • The Renaissance Army Medkit temporarily reduces incoming damage and restores HP.
  • Scavengers Medkit restores a lot of HP.
  • The Fringe Settlers Medkit stops bleeding, then restores HP.
  • The Black Market Medkit heals fractures, then restores HP.
  • Traps now always break legs.
  • Smoke grenade now belongs to advanced special items, not explosives.
  • The totem no longer heals, now it reduces incoming damage around itself. Renamed to "Defense totem".

Game Modes and Locations

Game locations

  • Added new variations of the existing game locations: School, Rudnya, Mamayev Kurgan, London.
  • Whenever there's a match on one of those maps, one of the variations is selected.
  • Added a new location "Shooting Ground" where you can test weapons. You can get there via the weapon context menu in the "Shop" tab.

Final Round in Artifact Hunt

  • Final round starts if both teams have equal score when the match ends (15 mins pass). The final round lasts additional 3 minutes.
  • You can't resurrect in the final round. The team which delivers the artifact or kills more enemies wins.
  • If the final round ends in a tie, both teams lose.

Changing Batteries in "Battery Retrieval"

  • A battery is considered lost if it's not in the spawn point, in the base or in the character's hands.
  • A lost battery gradually loses durability. It loses 100% in 45 seconds.
  • Upon reaching 0% battery explodes and deals damage to everything around it.
  • Battery makes a specific sound before exploding.
  • Battery explosion creates explosion particles and also makes a sound.
  • Battery cannot be damaged by firearms.
  • When a battery falls it also receives damage depending on the fall height.
  • Batteries immediately explode when falling down from a location.
  • Destroyed batteries respawn in 30 seconds.

User Interface

  • Reworked UI of the Main Menu, Shop, Workshop and Equipment.
  • Parameters in armor tooltips are now shown rounded to one digit after decimal point (used to be two digits).
  • Equipment now has new "Explosion damage reduction" parameter.
  • Added indicators of damage and anomaly protection.

Technical Changes

  • Fps (frames per second) now does not depend on the player's ping.
  • Introduced pixel correct camera position when shooting. You can now "lead" a character always hitting him (if the distance and the bullet speed allow to do that).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues leading to resyncronization.

Download Survarium 0.46 and check it out! Hopefully you'll like the changes.

See you on the battlefield!

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