Survarium Update 0.46 Preview

In Survarium Update 0.46 you can expect the first part of the game changes announced earlier. Read on to find out the key innovations arriving to the game soon!

Reduction of tiers of weapons and gear

In order to speed up the matchmaking, in the coming update we will reduce the total number of tiers for weapons and gear from 10 to 5. This decision will also allow us to diversify the assortment of each faction within one level. As for the items you already own, the current levels of weapons and gear will be proportionally preserved and adapted in line with the new system.

Gear system redesign

In Survarium Update 0.46 we will introduce a more transparent and structured system of gear. All the armor in the game will be split to three classes: light, medium and heavy. New "protection against explosion" parameter will be added to the armor, while the weight of the equipment and weapons will directly impact the speed of your character’s movement.

Additionally, we have implemented the notion of equipment sets: the more items from one set you put on the character, the more bonuses you get. Various sets provide different bonuses, so you can experiment with the gear.

Changes in weapons settings

Weapons in the game get a bunch of new characteristics: piercing of materials, chance of bleeding, stopping power, running speed, speed of running in aim, accuracy from the hip, recoil of first shots. Moreover, the set of characteristics for weapons of various classes can differ. For example, the chance of bleeding will be characteristic for sniper rifles only. As for piercing of materials, we will introduce the new formula of calculations. Thus, for instance, the armor-piercing bullets will now reduce the effective distance, but increase the piercing of materials.

Another innovation towards the recoil parameter: now every weapon in-game will have its own characteristic profile of recoil when shooting. The automatic weapons will also get an additional parameter of recoil for the first bullets: they will fly predictably, which will allow the players to use adjustment fire. To avoid use of macros, the recoil profile will always have an element of randomization. Therefore, the scatter parameter will be completely removed from the game: now the bullet flies exactly where your sight is looking, the weapon dispersion is brought in line with the real counterparts.

Such approach will allow us to ensure the behavior of each weapon in-game is truly unique and will let the players pick a weapon most fitting their style of play.

Changes to the In-game supplies

For all the grenades we will considerably increase the parameter of piercing obstacles and chance of breaking the character's limbs. We will add two new medkits, the current ones will undergo changes. Anesthetic is going to become a supply too. The healing totem will yield protection from damage, while traps will always break legs. The tiers of multiple supplies and their parent factions have been overhauled.

New FOV for weapons

We are redesigning the field of view (FOV) for weapons to make the feel of using weapons in the game more realistic and comfortable. See the current and new weapons FOV compared on the screenshot below.

New game maps variations

In the Survarium 0.46 update the already known game maps will receive a few new modifications. Thus, a traditional passage in the corridor may now be inaccessible, while an anomalous tree can replace the usual rusty car in the hub of the map. Such changes on the maps are designed to diversify the game tactics and add more unpredictability to the game. On top of the standard version each map is planned to have 3-4 modifications. Please see an example of this on the coub below.

One more map-related change is about the ammo refill crates. We will introduce 1-2 additional ammo crates on each map. This will free up the need to return to the base: if you run out of ammo in the heat of the moment, just find the crate nearest to you and refill your stock. The time to use the crate and resupply has been halved. To prevent any abuse, once utilized, a cooldown timer will start. Until that cooldown is over, you’ll be unable to refill ammo.

Game Modes Improvement

In the Survarium 0.46 update we are adding a final round in Artifact Hunt. The final round starts if both teams have equal score when the match ends (15 mins have passed). This round lasts 3 additional minutes. You can't resurrect in the final round. The team which delivers the artifact or kills more enemies wins. If the final round ends in a tie, both teams lose.

We are also changing how the batteries function in Battery Retrieval. Many players don't like when the other team hides the batteries, and to avoid that, lost batteries will self destruct after some time. A battery is considered lost if it's not in the spawn point, in the base or in the character's hands. Lost batteries gradually lose durability and are destroyed when it reaches zero. Moreove, a battery receives damage when it falls (damage depends on the fall height). Finally, batteries immediately explode when falling down from a location. All destroyed batteries respawn in 30 seconds.

Start of public testing

We have already been testing the changes to the game modes on PTS and will be updating the test server as other changes get added to the test build of Survarium. Soon all the innovations mentioned above will be available to test on the PTS server. Stay tuned for more news coming!

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