Survarium Update 0.46a4 is on the PTS!

Play Survarium 0.46a4 on the Public Test Server! Survarium update 0.46a4 is available on the Public Test Server! To participate in the test, please download new game version or update your PTS version of the game. You can install the PTS version simultaneously with version 0.45. Temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

The changes are relative to the previous version Survarium 0.46a3 on the PTS. Also read about the major changes in Survarium 0.46 preview


Survarium 0.46a4 PTS Change Log


  • Upon reaching effective distance weapon damage now decreases linearly (it used to drop immediately).
  • At long ranges weapon damage decreases up to 50% of maximum (used to be 40%).
  • Shooting in short bursts is now easier.
  • Now both equipped weapons decrease run spead (regardless of which weapon your character are holding).
  • Frenzy bonus decreased from 25% to 15%.

Equipment and Weapons

  • Bleeding starts in 0.5 sec after the character was hit (used to be 1 sec).
  • Bleeding is active for 5 sec (down from 10 sec), but deals damage two times faster. Thus, total damage was unchanged.
  • Bleeding now deals damage continuosly, not once per second as before.
  • Sniper rifles: aiming time was increased.
  • Sniper rifles: accuracy when firing from the hip was significantly reduced.
  • М4A1: damage increased from 25 to 28.
  • AK-74U: damage decreased from 27 to 25, recoil increased.
  • Toz-122: damage increased from 120 to 130. Bleed chance decreased from 80% to 60%.
  • The Fringe Settlers Medkit: restores 60 HP (up from 50).
  • Scavengers Medkit: restores 75 HP (down from 100).
  • Many set bonuses were changed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when Antitoxin did not protect against anomalies.

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