Survarium Update 0.46e is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Update 0.46e is live! Survarium Update 0.46e with Victory in Europe Day event is now live! Read the complete list of changes below. See you in the game!

Also read the list of changes in Survarium Update 0.46 in case you missed it.

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The List of Changes in Survarium 0.46e

Victory Day in Survarium

Celebrate Victory in Europe Day with other survivors and participate in the game event! Complete missions from May 8 to May 18 and receive special event currency: helmets, flasks and flags. Gather enough of these and exchange them for unique rewards!

You can exchange the event currency for "May 8" and "Year 1945" decals, and also PPSh-41 "Star" with a drum magazine that hold 71 cartridges! USe both event decals on your equipment to receive a set bonus additionaly increasing experience and reputation your character earns in matches. Naturally, you will keep the decals and PPSh-41 "Star" you get during the event. And when the event ends players will no longer be able to receive these rewards.

For the first victory in a match during the event you will also receive "For Victory" medal decal. Equip it to increase the amount of currency you receive for completing missions. The medal provides a +2 bonus to each of the currencies.


  • Duration of the slow down from weapon stopping power increased by 50%.
  • Faction reputation you receive in matches increased by 2.5.
  • Changed the way bleeding resistance works: it is now additive, not multiplicative. That means that it is not substracted from the bleed chance, but multiplied by it. For instance, if the bleeding chance is 60% and the resistance is 50%, the resulting bleeding chance used to be 60% - 50% = 10%. Now it will be 60% x 50% = 30%.
  • Anomalous Power booster is removed from the game. All players who had the booster(s) received a compensation equal to the cost of the booster(s) they had.

Equipment and Weapons

  • PKP "Pecheneg": damage decreased from 37 to 35, effective distance decreased from 35 to 30, recoil increased by 10%.

Technical Changes

  • Added a new message when you try to reset password from the game (during login).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues causing desynchronization.
  • Fixed issues causing the game client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue when you could take two main weapons even without "Terminator" skill.
  • Fixed an issue when a main weapon had additional 50 ammo cartridges.
  • Fixed an issue when a battery could spontaneously explode.
  • Fixed an issue when a battery could fall under a location.
  • Fixed an issue when the crosshair was moving up slower than in other directions when your character was holding up breath.
  • Fixed an issue when a red crosshair was displaying in the beginning of a match.
  • Fixed an issue when a character movement was not visualized when you spectated that character.

See you on the battlefield!

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