Survarium Update 0.47 Preview

Over two months passed since the release of Survarum Update 0.46, and it’s time to tell you about the new features soon to be introduced into the game. Update 0.47 is just around the corner, and today we talk about the key changes the Survarium team is preparing for you.

Story-driven Tutorial Mission

We continue to improve the first steps of the newcomers and for this created a brand new tutorial mission explaining basics of the game. The mission has a location made from scratch, including new anomalous trees, buildings, and landscape. Hopefully this mission will be interesting not only to the new players, but for Survarium veterans as well. The mission will be available to all players from the menu.

Game Mode: Slaughter

For the fans of action-packed battles we are introducing a new experimental game mode called Slaughter. The idea is simple: fight as a pit lion and kill as many opponents as possible in the given time. You will battle on the smaller maps (we use current Survarium locations, but only parts of those are available in this mode) in team deathmatch mode, so expect to see maximum action and a lot of kills per minute.

New Weapons

Survarium Update 0.47 introduces a new tier 5 shotgun KS-23 which is available as a trophy in Treasure Hunt. There are two versions of KS-23, using slugs and shells respectively.

We are also adding a rare PPSh with a drum magazine (unlike its unique V-E Day counterpart, this one won’t have a special red camo). As usual, you can weapons in the Shooting Range (option available from the weapon context menu in the shop if you don’t own a weapon) and decide which ones you like better.

Changes to the Equipment Profiles

Since Survarium Update 0.46 release equipment profiles were one of the hottest topics on Survarium forums and social network pages. The polls we conducted and your numerous messages indicate that we do need to change the system further, and we are happy to do that in Survarium Update 0.47.

By default all players, even the ones with the Premium Account, will have only one equipment profiles. Up to two additional profiles can be bought using silver, and the profiles you buy are yours forever!

To compensate for the equipment profiles, we will be adding a new bonus for the Premium, increasing a number of spare parts you receive after matches. Moreover, current Premium Account bonus to silver will affect all battle rewards, including medals.

More Maps Variations

After the introduction of maps variations into the game we received a lot of positive feeback from you, so we continue to move in that direction. Expect to see five more variations of the maps in Survarium Update 0.47. two variations of Chemical Plant, two – of Vostok Radar Station, and another one of Cologne Bridge. Thanks to a large variety of locations the game will be more unpredictable, and you will be able to come up with new tactical choices depending on the variant of the location.

Animation of Special Items

For a long time Survarium did not have animation characters using medkits, bandages, and other special items. Not only that made gameplay less realistic, it also was confusing for the players who couldn’t understand why the opponent doesn't die after taking a lot of damage.

Finally, Survarium Update 0.47 will make situation like this more clear: the game will have animations of characters using bandages, medkits and antitoxins. But keep in mind: you won’t be able to shoot during the special item animation, so you need to find a right moment to patch yourself up in a battle. These are only the first steps in this direction: we plan to add more animations of special items in the future.

Weapon Balance Changes

To better balance the game we have changed parameters of many weapons. Some of the changes are only to damage or distance, but other are more substantial. First of all, recoil of all weapons was changed and recoil patters are now more predictable. Secondly, recoil randomization is lowered and equalized for all weapons. Finally, recoil when firing from the hip was lowered and is now the same as when firing while aiming down the sights. However, dispersion when firing from the hip was substantially increased, so you should consider firing from the hip only when your target is not far away.

Aside from the changes mentioned above, Survarium Update 0.47 will have more other improvements including weapons rebalancing, new booster mechanics, and other interesting features. Stay tuned for more news about the test version of Survarium 0.47 on the PTS!

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