Survarium Update 0.50 Preview

After the release of update 0.47 and a new training mission for beginners, our team set a goal to give players the opportunity to complete a full-fledged CO-OP gaming mission. And although we are still in the first stages of PvE (CO-OP) development, over the past two months we managed to achieve significant progress in developing what is fundamentally a different game experience for players. Therefore, we decided that the next update of the game will be a version 0.50, in the center of which is the first PvE (CO-OP) story mission.

The first mission is called "Dangerous Knowledge" - It will centre around the revelry between the Black Market and Renaissance Army factions and will also raise the curtain revealing the top secret scientific experiments that led to the advent of the Forest.

Survarium: Screenshot of the first PvE (CO-OP) mission

Here's what will be included in Update 0.50

Exclusively for this new PvE (CO-OP) mission, we created a new map with a large number of both open and closed spaces.

The task we set for ourselves was to bring into the game an element of exploration and interaction between characters and the game world.

To complete the mission, you will need a squad of three people: you can invite your friends, or use matchmaking to join with random players. The mission can be accessed at any of five levels of equipment and has three difficulty levels.

Playing the team mission, not only you’ll become acquainted with the story line, but also will be able to find special caches with rewards given to the squad at the end of the mission if you are victorious.

Now a few words about gaining access to the mission. To enter, you will need a special access key. After the release of the update, you will get the initial stock of keys. Later, your keys will be replenished to the maximum of two on everyday login.

To pass the mission, you must complete a series of tasks. It is enough for at least one of the three players to reach a check point: in this case, the remaining members of the unit are respawned and can continue to play. If all three player players are killed, the mission is lost. Remember that the time for the mission completion is limited.

What we plan to implement in the future

  • Continue to improve CO-OP mechanics;
  • Improved AI and NPCs;
  • Additional challenges with increased difficulty and unique rewards.

That's all for today. Soon you will be able to try the first PvE (CO-OP) mission in Survarium. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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