Survarium Update 0.51 Preview

In parallel with the development of the first Team Mission in Survarium 0.50 we started working on one more important feature which we planned to improve for a long time. We are talking about the modding of weapons! Read the details below on which changes are being made and what to expect in the Survarium 0.51 update.

The weapon module system will be considerably expanded: each module will become a separate item, which you can install on your weapon. Previously to install a module you’d need to accomplish a certain number of kills with the weapon - a similar principle will be preserved this time, although instead of specific module you will unlock a slot where the suitable modules can be installed. This said, the required number of kills to unlock a slot will be decreased. In case you want to save time to unlock the weapon slots, you can still do it instantly with gold.

In Survarium 0.51 we are steering the weapons modification to a more realistic look, therefore on certain weapons some modules, non-typical for that weapon have been removed. Whereas on other guns, new customization options have been added. Our plans are to keep advancing the weapon modification system with a focus on realism, as well as expanding the number of modules available in line with the requests from the players.

Survarium: FN SCAR-H and new module system

On top of changing the mechanics for unlocking slots and installing modules, in Survarium 0.51 we have the module modifiers reworked. Thus, for all the modules we provide two parameters impacting the weapon characteristics, for example, recoil and slowing down in aim. Or effective distance and time to aim. There’s a variety of options applicable. This said, each module could be a common, a rare or a legendary one. The better the module, the better are the characteristics applied.

How do you find the weapon modules? You get those when winning in PvP matches, as well as locate them in PvE stashes. The modules will also be available located among the treasure hunt trophies.

All the manipulations with the weapon modules will be made in the Workshop. Depending on the weapon type, one slot could have up to 6 different modules installed. Some modules will be installed on top of each other, but in most cases the current module has to be replaced with a new one. The former could either broken (for free) or preserved at a cost.

The already installed modules on your weaponry will be transferred to the new system. Besides, part of the weapon characteristics previously linked to the modifiers will now be fully transferred onto the modules. Therefore, in such cases we will preserve the parameters of your modifiers and add those to your weapon’s modules. Thus, we will largely ensure to preserve your weapon’s characteristics in the new system.

The key advantage of the new weapon modules system will be its huge number of variations and freedom of choice for the player. You will be able to modify and adjust not only the weapons characteristics but also its looks in line with your preferences. Note, such implementation is not final and the system will be improved with further updates. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback on the forum and social networks!

In addition, the Survarium 0.51 update will introduce a special Christmas event. This time we would like to offer something totally new, so we do recommend you check out the 0.51 update and take part in the holidays event. All the details about the event will be shared later.

In Survarium 0.51 update you can expect other smaller improvements and changes too. For example, a possibility to capture in-game screenshots with a hotkey (images will automatically be saved to ..\Survarium\Screenshots folder). More to be disclosed soon.

That’s everything for now. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon in Survarium Update 0.51!

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