Survarium Update 0.52 Preview

Hi Everyone!

In the recent podcast with developers we shared what the Survarium team has been busy with and what changes could be expected in near future. So now it is time to talk in more detail about the upcoming update. Read the preview of Survarium’s Update 0.52 and find out what key changes we have made & what will be available in the game soon!

Transition to the New Graphics Renderer

This change was announced long ago and took several years to develop. Finally, in Update 0.52 we are migrating to the new graphics renderer! This means we are not only adding extra functionality for the new renderer, but also discontinue the support of the old one. & subsequently remove it from the game.

Our goal was to improve the quality of graphics in the game, while boosting the performance on most systems. In the case you used the renderer for gaming PCs, the new renderer will see your performance improved. If you used the renderer for low-end PCs and you have a (separate) video card, the performance is expected to be approximately the same level. Finally, if you used the renderer for low-end PCs and you have a built-in video card the level of Intel HD 4000, you will have an improved quality image, but the performance could decrease.

To ensure the transition to the new renderer we have accomplished a massive chunk of work: rearranged the lighting on all the game maps, as well as replaced and readjusted the materials on all the weapons. Unfortunately, not all the materials on the characters have been updated yet, therefore certain gear is not at its final quality (for instance, metal on characters will look rusty) - we will fix those minor elements with the subsequent Survarium patches.

Of course, changes of the caliber as described above require meticulous testing on the computers of all possible configurations, therefore we invite you to play on public test server as soon as the new game version is available. With your help we will be able to achieve the best possible quality with the release of Update 0.52.

It should be noted that the new graphics renderer does not contain all the functionality we would like it to have as yet. Currently in the works are a number of visual effects - ambient occlusion, post-processes, god rays, lens flares, motion blur, 4k & more. We will be adding those to the game as & when they are ready. We will also keep optimizing the existing functionality.

Spring Festival in Survarium

In Update0.52 we are preparing a new in-game event dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day! On this occasion, expect to see not only new themed weapons and gear, but also a special map with a new game mode! More details about the in-game event to be shared after the launch of 0.52.

Weapon Balance Changes

To better balance the game we are changing parameters of many weapons. Most of the changes are only to damage, distance or rate of fire, but others are more substantial. For instance, some weapons will have updated recoil patterns.

Upgrading The Weapons Module System

Since the introduction of the new weapons module system in Update 0.50 we received multiple ideas and requests as to how the system could be further developed in the game. One of the ideas relates to the possibility of stacking modules by the players to create rarer modules with improved characteristics. So we decided to enable this feature for you!

In Update 0.52 you’ll be able to upgrade characteristics of a module using five other modules of the same level of rarity. The improvement will have a 50% success rate as with other upgrades. With additional payment of in-game silver or gold you’ll be able to improve the module with 100% success.

Since the new renderer and the launch of the Spring Festival event are the top priorities for us right now, chances are the modules improvement feature could appear in the game a bit later, for example with 0.52b, however not later than a few weeks after the release of 0.52. These are all the key changes awaiting you in Update 0.52. As usual, we will add a number of smaller improvements which we will disclose at the launch of the update.

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