Survarium: Update 0.54a1 is on the PTS!

We have updated the Public Test Server to Survarium version 0.54a1! To participate in the test, please download new game version. Please note that the temporary shutdowns of the PTS are possible when installing updates and making urgent changes.

You can participate in the test if you registered in Survarium no later than July 20. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to login to the PTS if you have registered via Steam due to a different authentication system.

All testers will receive 10 thousand spare parts, 10 million silver, and 10 thousand gold to make purchases on the PTS. Characters and progress in the main game as of July 20 will be copied to the test server. However, the progress you make during the test will not be transferred back to the main server! The PTS has no way if receiving payments, so purchases made in Survarium shop are automatically credited to your account on the main server.

Read find the update notes of Survarium PTS 0.54a1 below. Please note that those are not final and The public server will receive version improved based on the results of the testing! See you on the PTS!

The Complete List of Changes in PTS 0.54a1


  • Added the CNPP Cooling Tower map with game mode "Slaughter". Other modes on this location will be added in the future.

Weapons, modules, equipment and supplies

  • Sniper rifles with manual reloading ("bolt rifles"): a new round is only loaded into the barrel after leaving the aiming mode.

Technical improvements

  • Improved network synchronization - reduced the difference between the ping and the latency parameter in the game.


  • Added decals of the flags of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Known bugs

  • Equipment profiles do not always switch after upon selection after death

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