Read Survarium 0.55 Update Preview

Three weeks have passed since the release of update 0.54, and today we are ready to share with you our plans for the near future. Read the preview of the upcoming update below!

Single Matchmaking Tier

With the release of patch 0.55, Survarium moves to a single level of match making. This means that the damage reduction of lower level weapons has been removed. Now the parameters of all weapons are in the range of their respective class, regardless of the level. The main parameter in matching teams is the ELO rating system. According to it players are divided into 3 categories.

We expect that due to the introduction of a single level, the number of bots (AI) in matches will be minimized, which will allow players to enjoy more battles against live opponents. Also, the search time for matches for players from the main ELO rating group will be reduced.

New Pockets System

During the development process, we receive a lot of suggestions from players as to how we can improve Survarium. We try to respond to them, in accordance to our capabilities. So, players have often asked to limit the number of grenades that can be taken into battle. Having listened to the community, we introduce the concepts of "Pocket" and "Capacity of Pockets" into the game. The number of pockets can be no more than five and determines the number of different supplies available for use. The capacity of the pockets can be no more than eight and determines the maximum number of supplies that can be taken into battle. Each supply means use of a unit capacity. The number of pockets and their capacity is determined by your equipment. Special items are divided into the following categories: medicines, explosives, devices and other. You can fill pockets with various supplies. However, it is impossible to take more than eight medicines, two explosives and four devices.


Artifact effects are another important change in the future update. With the release of 0.55, you will not be able to activate two artifacts simultaneously. You must wait until the first artifact expires and then activate the second one. The “Onyx” artifact has an active ability of 4 seconds. Player gains + 50% damage resistance. The passive ability of the artifact “Spring” gives + 4% to the speed of movement of the character. “Larkspur” changes; now the active ability of the artifact gives the character 25 health points per second. The action will last 4 seconds, however it gets lost in receiving damage, or when using any first-aid kit.

Weapons and Equipment

In addition to the single level of match making, which was described above, we introduced a number of important changes and innovations. So, we have reduced and changed recoil on all weapons to a more comfortable one. In this regard, the “Spread” and “Spread when aiming” parameters are back in the game. We also reviewed the number of kills required to open slots for modules. Currently, the following values ​​apply:

  • 100 kills - slot for aims;
  • 250 kills - slot for grips;
  • 500 kills - slot for silencers, muzzle flashes and other modules.

The price for repairs also depends on the level, but now it is unlinked from the item of equipment or weapons. For example, if a player has put at least one item of the fifth level of gear, he will pay for the repair at the fifth level of equipment. Below are the prices for repairs:

  • Level 1 - 0 silver;
  • Level 2 - 1000 silver;
  • Level 3 - 2000 silver;
  • Level 4 - 5000 silver;
  • Level 5 - 8000 silver.
  • Please note that these are approximate values ​​that may change according to the results of testing on a public server.

    Option to Change Collimator Reticle

    With the release of update 0.55, you will be able to customize collimators' reticles in the middle of a match. It will be possible to change its type, color and brightness depending on the rarity of the sight..

    New lighting on the School location

    We continue to work on a new graphics renderer. In patch 0.55, the lighting on the “School” location was redone, in accordance with the new quality standard. See the pictures below to check the changes.

    Other changes

    In addition, with the release of the upcoming update, Chinese localization will be available in Survarium, as well as a new server in Taipei (Taiwan), as a replacement for the former SEA server.

    These are all the key changes that will appear in Survarium 0.55. We will present a full list with the release of the game update. Leave your comments on the forum and follow the further news of Survarium!