Survarium updated to version 0.19a

Through the entire January the team have been working full-throttle to update the current Beta of Survarium and finally, we are happy to inform a big content patch upgrading the game to version 0.19a has been uploaded to the game servers.

The technical improvements and bug fixes aside, the game obtained a lot of new stuff: we considerably modified the user interface; factions now give tasks to the player, and by accomplishing those tasks the player receives rewards and increases his reputation with the faction; artifacts the player can now locate and use in battle are sure to add more variety to the gameplay.

On a separate note, with the launch of 0.19 we have zeroed the progress of all the players to the state of new players, which will allow refreshing the feel of character development and adding the competing interest when accomplishing the game tasks for the Closed Beta participants.

Check the full list of changes in the 0.19a version here.