Survarium Updated To Version 0.27a

We are glad to inform you that update 0.27a is now live on the game servers. The public test server has been shut down until the next update.We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who helped testing the latest patch.

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Version 0.27a

ATTENTION: Due to the massive change in the value of experience and reputation, we also changed the amount of experience and reputation required to achieve certain levels. Current experience and reputation of existing players was recalculated so that progress towards achieving the next level remained unchanged.

Significantly changed the mechanics of the expenditure of ammunition in combat. Now there is no concept of "storage", which defined the maximum amount of ammo that you can use in one battle. But there is a limit how of much ammo you can carry in a backpack. The cost of emptied cartridges is automatically removed after a battle. If after a battle there’s a negative balance on your account you will be able to fight using only free equipment.
Due to this change we automatically sold all cartridges that have already been purchased by the players for the purchase price.


  • Added new game mode - "Research";
  • Changed factions missions system. Now players are offered three random missions a day. Received the award depends on the medal player got for completing a mission: bronze, silver or gold;
  • Added rewards for successful actions in battle;
  • Changed the amount of experience, reputation and silver given to the player for actions in battle;
  • Added the ability to select the desired game mode for random battles;
  • Bonus for achieving first three wins in a day removed from the game;
  • Added a bleeding effect to critical damage of the torso;
  • Gunshot wounds and traps can cause bleeding, the chance depends on worn equipment and type of ammunition;
  • Now equipment can have a random modifier "protection from bleeding";
  • Onyx Artifact: the force of the active effect reduced from 95% to 50% damage absorption;
  • Reduced damage drop over distance for all sniper weapons;
  • Reduced chance of critical failure by maintaining low wear on player's equipment;
  • Changed the mechanics of piercing of surfaces: now the chance of piercing and damage depends on the angle of entry of the bullet;
  • Changed damage and armor-piercing modifiers for ammo to balance the change in the mechanics of piercing;
  • Revised the formula for calculating the chance of finding an item during Team Deathmatch;
  • Repair cost increased to 20% of the base value of the item;
  • Equipment sale cost in the shop is reduced to 15% of the base value of the item;
  • Now repair cost and sale price of an item depends on the number of positive modifiers.

Equipment and weapons:

  • Added new premium shotgun NeoStead 2000,AK-74U "Corsair", AK-74N '82 , AKM '65, Vepr-12 Molot, AK-12 M1, SKS-MF, Vepr "Wanderer", " Saiga-12C, the VSK-94 "Guardian";
  • Added new types of medicines;
  • Purchase of ammunition no longer requires reputation, all types of ammunition are available immediately;
  • VSS: distance increased to 100;
  • IZH-27 Lancaster: damage increased to 110, aiming increased to 0.35;
  • SOCOM 16: damage reduced to 75, fire rate reduced to 250, magazine size increased to 20;
  • SR-3M Vikhr: magazine size increased to 30;
  • SOCOM moved to the 13th level of equipment;
  • A Scavengers' chemical protection set moved to equipment tier 3 and now requires "Experienced" rank of reputation;
  • Antitoxin is now available for sale only at The Fringe Settlers';
  • PP-19-01 "Vityaz" moved to 5th level of equipment. Damage increased to 45;
  • The Renaissance Army's assault armor set moved to 10th level of equipment and now requires the rank of "Warrant Officer";
  • The Fringe Settlers' stalker armor set moved to 10th level of equipment and now requires the rank "Devoted";
  • Due to the change in level of equipment the basic cost of some items also changed;

Black market:

  • AKS-74U: damage reduced to 45;

The Fringe Settlers:

  • New weapon: Saiga-12 (12 level);
  • SKS: damage reduced to 60;
  • ASH-12: fire rate increased to 600, stopping power increased to 80%;
  • 9A-91: distance increased to 50;
  • Bulletproof Vest "Pilgrim": added pockets capacity +2;
  • Pants "Pilgrim": slot for items replaced with artifact container, modifier added to reduce power consumption;

The Renaissance Army

  • New weapon: PKP Pecheneg (15 level);
  • New weapon: Vepr-12 (12 level);
  • New weapon: SOK-94 (level 6);
  • AK-12: damage reduced to 50, marksmanship to 40;

User Interface:

  • Added a percentage display of the General state of health;
  • Added a window that displays the distribution of weapons and equipment on the reputation levels of the groups;
  • Removed display of ammunition from shop and storage;
  • Now when accomplishing actions that reward experience, reputation or money in battle, the player will receive a short text message (can be disabled in the game settings);
  • Added display of how much experience and reputation you need to get the next level in the results window of the battle;

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed numerous resync issues and crashes;

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