Take part in The Charge Contest!

Take part in our new Survarium contest! Complete the “Dangerous knowledge” mission as quickly as possible and win gold, PvE access keys and spare parts for modifying weapons and equipment!

The Rules:

  • Take in a squad of three players;
  • Play only on your MAIN account. The participants will be monitored;
  • Complete the mission ONLY on the first level of equipment and ONLY at the highest difficulty;
  • Get all 10 loot boxes. Make sure to open all of them once you complete the mission;
  • Publish the screenshot of the match results with your best time in the corresponding forum topic;
  • Replace the screenshot if you have improved your result;
  • Screenshots taken before the start of the contest will not be accepted;
  • The contest lasts from November 13 to November 27.

The Prizes

There are two nominations for the winners:

  • The first nomination requires all players in a squad to be between level 0 to 40;
  • The second nomination includes the squads of level 41 to 100.

Each nomination has three places:

  • First place. All squad members get 2500 gold + 11 PvE keys + 200 spare parts each;
  • Second place. All squad members get 1500 gold + 11 PvE keys + 200 spare parts each;
  • Third place. All squad members get 1000 gold + 11 PvE keys + 200 spare parts each.
  • Additionally, each winner gets a 40% discount on a Survarium t-shirt!

    We look forward to your entries. Good luck!

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