Winter Holidays in Survarium Start Soon!

Christmas and New Year holidays are coming. By tradition, we invite you to spend the New Year together with other survivors and take part in our special game event! From December 23 until January 9 accomplish the special in-game missions to earn the holiday currency: snowflakes, fir-trees and stars. Collect the necessary number of items and exchange them to get weapons with unique holiday camo!

The following weapons are available to collect: Valmet Rk.62 (5th tier), M4A1 (8th tier) and FN Minimi (10th tier). On top of the unique camo, the winter holidays weapons will yield a bonus of spare parts: +7%, +10% and +15% accordingly. Finally, the winter holidays weapons have electric-blue tracers when shooting.

Winter Holidays in Survarium. Assault Rifle M4A1

Winter Holidays in Survarium. Machine Gun Minimi

Join other Survivors for the holidays to win the unique rewards!

Wishing you a good holiday time and see you in the game!

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