October Calendar Released!

The year is racing by! We are fast approaching the end of 2014 and can begin looking back on some of the progress we have made over the last 9 months. One of the “standout” mentions must go to this month’s calendar feature, Vector Laboratory, an interesting location indeed. Enjoy the new calendar Survivors!

Survarium Beginner's Guide

Good news for players who are just starting to get to know Survarium! Our Youtube channel is launching a series of special video guides for the game that will help newcomers to get started in the world of The Green Apocalypse and to understand all its intricacies. The first video is our experiment and it's already available on our channel!

Survarium at IgroMir 2014

Vostok Games is participating in the ninth running of the IgroMir game exhibition! The venue of this huge event will again be one of the largest exhibition centres in the world, Crocus Expo. In Moscow, during all days of the exhibition, from October 2 to 5, we will be showing the public and press the latest version of our game.

Adapter Instruction #30

This Adapter episode is devoted to exploring the ruins of an ancient castle located in the mountains. During the video, the presenter, Gleb Skorobogatov, gives instructions on how best to climb dangerous surfaces and shows how to use tinder fungus for survival. Don't forget that the previous episodes of Adapter can be found on the Vostok Games Youtube channel.

FAQ update

Survivors! We have updated the FAQ section of the website, due to various changes that were implemented into the game. A recommended read for all newcomers!

Concept Art Updated

Concept art is one of the most important aspects of game design. Without the imagination and vison of our artists, Survarium’s world would never come to life. Today we share some new concept art from the Cologne Bridge location.

How the character images were created published an article regarding the process of creating the different visual styles and concepts for Survarium’s factions. Project Lead, Ruslan Didenko gave his comments on the concept art.

Forthcoming Version 0.25a Update

We are glad to present you with a brief announcement of the upcoming 0.25a patch that will be uploaded to the game servers in the near future. First of all, we’d like to note that one of the main directions of our work on Survarium is to increase the stability of the game client and to improve the overall game quality.

Fan - art Section Updated

During the last few weeks, our community has continued to send us different artworks inspired by Survarium. Today we would like to share some more of those images with you. Follow the link to view them in high resolution. As always we appreciate the support and creativity from our community.

The ban list update

The Vostok Games team keeps fighting against "cheaters". 60 new players have been added to the black list. "Cheaters" should keep in mind that now the game is tested not only in automatic mode, but also manually using the match replay function. Thus, we made another step towards those players who prefer a fair fight.

New location screenshots

The struggle for existence in the world of Survarium takes palce everywhere: on the far banks of the Rhine, and among the remains of the Novosibirsk scientific center. Survivors searching for necessary resources made a took a few shots of the "Vector Laboratory" and the "Cologne Bridge".

Music Contest Gains Momentum!

Thanks to the Music Contest announced late in August, we have seen that there are not only writers and artists among the fans of Survarium but also composers. Just in two weeks the contest track lists collected more than a hundred works in different music styles! They‘re all available to listen to on our SoundCloud channel.