Vostok Games: 5 Years Together!

How quickly time flies! It seems like the studio was set up so recently. We continue to work tirelessly on Survarium, while preparing the 0.46 Update for the PTS.

See the list of leagues winners in Survarium!

The Seasonal league in Survarium is over. Check out who the best players in Survarium are based on the league results! We will announce the start of the next season when ready. Stay tuned!

Check Out New Survarium Fan Art

Check out new fan art in the gallery of the Community page! Big thanks to our fans who complement the world of Survarium with their artistic talent. Take a look at what they have created!

New weapon FOV on the PTS!

New weapon FOV on the PTS!

Around 6 PM GMT today, on February the 6th, we will update the PTS version of Survarium to include weapons with new FOV and technical improvements! Read more in the whole version of the news.

Friday the 13th in Survarium

Friday the 13th in Survarium

One says Friday the 13th brings bad luck. But not in Survarium: during the next couple days you can buy a special decal that allows you to get additional 13 spare parts for each victory! Don't miss the opportunity!