Read: Survarium Update 0.53 Preview

Welcome, Survivors! It's time to tell you all about what exactly the Survarium development team has been working on in recent months and what will be added to the game in Update 0.53.

Receive Double XP and Reputation!

Play Survarium, win in matches and get additional experience and reputation! Each victory doubles the experience and reputation you get for the match.

Game Event: Demonstration of Power

This weekend we are having the Demonstration of Power event. During the event you will get additional 100 silver for each kill with a headshot. And for each melee kill you will get even more – 1,000 silver.

Check Out New Survarium Fan Art

Check out new fan art in the gallery of the Community page! Big thanks to our fans who complement the world of Survarium with their artistic talent. Take a look at what they have created!

Get Spare Parts for Frags on the Weekend!

This weekend we are having the Stolen Parts event. During the event you will get a spare part each time you kill the enemy character. Get more parts over the weekend and upgrade your equipment to the maximum!

Survarium: Fragmovie Contest!

Create a Fragmovie and demonstrate your skills in killing opponents, including some dynamic/exciting music and share it with us! Your placing in the contest depends on the quality of your work.

Survarium Patch 0.52al is Live. Play Now!

Survarium Patch 0.52al is now available! Launch Survarium to download and install the patch. Read the complete list of changes in the patch in the full version of the news. See you in the game!

Technical Works Tomorrow

Starting at 08:00 AM GMT tomorrow, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the technical works.