I Games-Expo photo report

We are glad to present you a photo report from the ongoing I Games-Expo trade show in Kiev, Ukraine. Survarium booth has been visited by numerous fans who had an opportunity to test PvP battles in the current Alpha version of the game, to take part in competitions by assembling-disassembling Kalashnikov rifle and loading cartridge clips, answering questions about Survarium, all to win various prizes like Survarium t-shirts, badges, posters etc.

Survarium August Calendar Released

And here the last summer month settles in. The warm days fly fash to give their place up to the Fall soon. We are glad to present you our traditional calendar, this time the August 2013 one. The stillshot demonstrates the updated in-game School location. Check it out!

Developer's Diary #6 released!

Attention all Survivors!
Today we are pleased to present the latest developer diary video, diary number 6. It is by far our longest video so far is the series and contains a whole host of information.

July Calendar Released

We’re officially into the second half of 2013 and as has come to be expected from us, we have a brand new desktop calendar for you. We hope you enjoy it!

Anomalies - first screenshots posted

Check out a handful of fresh screenshots featuring some of the anomalies you can find in the game (screens originally published by Anomalies will be one of the new additions to the upcoming Survarium alpha version 0.12 update. Should you wish to register for a chance to be an Alpha tester of Survarium, go here.

FAQ Section Added

As many of you know there has been a FAQ available on the Vostok Games website since the launch of the studio. However, now that development on Survarium has been going for a while we have taken the most relevant questions & answers from the FAQ and added them to the game’s website. Check out the FAQ here to read on.

June Calendar Released

The month of June is upon us. Hard to believe it’s already half way through 2013. Work on Survarium continues at full-steam. This month’s calendar comes from the Chemical Plant location

Survarium website updated!

More good news for fans of Survarium: Since the beginning of the alpha testing we have been working on a large update to the "Game" section of our website, in both information and visual aspects.

Survarium Gains Two Awards!

May 15-17 2013: Every year in Moscow developer’s conference KRI 2013 takes place. This year Vostok Games set up an exhibit at the event and showcased a Survarium-themed booth.

The Survarium Alpha Test Has Begun

Vostok Games is happy to announce that the Alpha testing stage of Survarium MMOFPS has begun! The first survivors have already dived into the atmosphere and taken part in PvP battles – throughout last weekend testers took part in 226 matches where 9 011 characters died.

World War II Victory Day Greetings!

On the eve of the 68th anniversary since the Great Victory day we would like to extend our greetings to everyone who did their best to near that very moment: the veterans to have shed their blood on the battlefields, the workers of the rear who toiled to produce the battle-front supplies. We bend our knees to honor those participants of the dreadful war who are no longer with us today.