Open Day & Lottery Update

Good day Survivors, today we bring you two pieces of news. First a review of the recent "Doors Open Day" test and then the Closed-Beta Lottery, so let’s begin; Doors Open Day, from our perspective was a challenging day indeed.

We Shall Never Forget!

The tragedy at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was one that will be remembered for all time. April 26 marks the anniversary of this catastrophe as we remember our fallen comrades. We can only hope that mankind can and has learnt from this event and will strive to ensure it never happens again.

Doors Open Day Times Revealed!

Dear Survivors, tomorrow, April 25th we are opening up Survarium to all of you for 24 hours. From midnight tonight, Kiev time (GMT+3) you will be able to download and install the game. Playing will be possible from April 25 at 11:00am GMT+3 (Kiev time) for 24 hours until April 26 at 11:00 GMT+3 (Kiev time).

Forthcoming V0.21a Update!

Good day Survivors! Today we bring you some great news. We’re planning a rather exciting update to the Survarium Client, Version 0.21a. With this patch come multiple new additions, game play changes and features.

Survarium access is declared open!

On April 25, 2014 Vostok Games announces “Doors Open Day”. For 24 hours on that day, absolutely anyone is welcome to enter, download the current beta version of the game and try it out in action. For the moment the game features only the team-based play mode (PvP).

Mission Status: 2 Years and Counting!

Here at Vostok Games we like to not only look to the future but also remember past. For the last two years we have been deeply involved in our mission of creating a truly unique and special gaming experience. April 12th is a traditional holiday, Cosmonautics Day, a truly inspirational time of year when we can look back at all the amazing achievements made in space exploration

Mamayev Kurgan Concept Art Added!

Greetings Survivors, today we’re posting some rather provocative concept art of the forthcoming location Mamayev Kurgan. These images, although not screenshots, give you some great insight into the atmosphere at surrounds of this area. The two of the three images reveal different anomalies while the third is a brief representation of the base. Enjoy!

New Survarium Calendar!

Amidst the ruined and derelict Mamayev Kurgan the statue of "The Motherland Calls" remains; standing tall, unruffled and uncompromising; holding firm against time, staring at the world that has changed so drastically.

The 'Roscon' Survival Zone

On March 29 there was a one-day science-fiction literature event named Roscon, held in Moscow. Given Vostok Games' plans to launch a series of novels based on the world of Survarium (in the Russian language, to begin with), Vostok was an active part of the trade show.

5 New Screenshots Released!

Dear Survivors, We’ve been hard at work on the Closed-Beta version of Survarium. Several patches were released in the last 2 weeks and we continue to push through each day. So, in light of recent progress we thought it only right that we share some new assets with you.

Forthcoming V0.20a update!

We’re working as fast as we can to please all current players of the Survarium CBT. We are at present preparing to update the game client to Version 0.20a. We expect the patch to go live Monday (March 17th) across our servers (technical works will start at 10:00 am Kiev time).

March Calendar Released!

Dear Survivors, the year is truly flying by. We’re into the third month already! It is by now no surprise that we are presenting a new calendar for your desktop. Taken during the day in the Radar Station area you can really get a great sense of the game’s lighting and atmosphere.