New Screenshots Released

Today, you will notice some new images have been loaded onto our website. These come exclusively from a new location we're busy working on, titled "Chemical Plant". We hope you enjoy them!

Survarium Alpha Test Registration Now Open

Soon the first of you will be able to witness the world of 'green apocalypse' and try out the boots of various faction fighters! The server tranquility will burst with first gunshots; man will face man in PvP combat, while the will of one fighter will clash with the will of another!

Survarium Developer’s Video Diary #5

We are introducing the fifth Survarium developer’s video diary by Vostok Games. Watch the video and learn about the Vostok Radar Station location and the first details about the Renaissance Army faction last but not least we showcase the in-game character builder.

Official Survarium Forum Launched

We are happy to announce that the official Survarium forum is now open!

It is here (or there) where you, the game fans, will be able to share opinions and ideas, chat with the Vostok Games developers, comment on news, discuss various aspects of gameplay, as well as submit your ideas for improving the game.

April calendar released

As has come to be expected from us over the past few months a new calendar, featuring the "School" location for the month of April is here. Enjoy it!

Happy Women’s Day!

Dear ladies, on behalf of Vostok Games, please, accept our cordial greetings of the upcoming International Women’s Day!
“Beauty will save the world” as the famous saying by Fyodor Dostoevsky goes. And we can’t but agree! Thank you for making this world even more beautiful!

A Year In Orbit

Today marks our one year anniversary as Vostok Games. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed. So much has happened in the last 12 months. We’ve made huge strides in the development of our game engine and Survarium and the future looks bright and promising.

Survarium March Calendar Out

March seems to be a month of new beginnings and rebirths. Spring is upon us and it also signifies the creation of Vostok Games as this month we celebrate our one year anniversary as a company!

As we have done in previous months we would like to present you with a new desktop calendar featuring the Vostok Radar Station location from the game.

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Established in 1918 during the Russian Civil War when the first major draft into the Red Army, this holiday has been set aside to acknowledge the armed forces of the Fatherland, today we remember and thank them all for their difficult, yet honourable service in the line of duty for the good of the fatherland and all who inhabit it!

Valentine's Day Greetings!

February is the month of love and with that comes Valentine’s Day. Even in the harsh world of Survarium there are times when the fighting stops, the weather calms and we can come together and admire the beauty that remains in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Vostok Games!

February calendar released

2013 is definitely not slowing down. January is already behind us! Our work on Survarium continues at full steam as before. We are happy to present a new calendar for the month of February.

Survarium tops the expectations!

Based on the "Perpetuum MOB 2012" gamers' voting held at, our Survarium project was voted as the most anticipated online project of 2013!
Thanks to all who have expressed their support for Survarium - We are extremely pleased to see so many people are excited to immerse themselves in the game-world we are creating.