Forthcoming V0.20a update!

We’re working as fast as we can to please all current players of the Survarium CBT. We are at present preparing to update the game client to Version 0.20a. We expect the patch to go live Monday (March 17th) across our servers (technical works will start at 10:00 am Kiev time).

March Calendar Released!

Dear Survivors, the year is truly flying by. We’re into the third month already! It is by now no surprise that we are presenting a new calendar for your desktop. Taken during the day in the Radar Station area you can really get a great sense of the game’s lighting and atmosphere.

Mamayev Kurgan Wallpapers Released!

Survivors, today we are pleased to present you with two brand new wallpapers from the forthcoming Mamayev Kurgan location. These images give you a small perspective of the sheer size and majesty of the central statue figure. So, check out our wallpapers section and select the one you like best. Enjoy!

St Valentine’s Day!

Today around the world everyone is celebrating St Valentine’s Day. So in accordance with the tradition of giving and receiving gifts on this day, we have sent out 100 keys for the Closed-Beta test. The keys were distributed at random to make sure it is fair. So, good luck, check your email, perhaps you are one of the lucky ones and most importantly, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Closed-Beta Test Diary #1

Survivors, today we bring you a new part of our Beta Test diary. In this addition we touch on the mechanics of the current game play, the challenges faced by our development team and some new and exciting features that are just around the corner. We hope you find this interesting and that excites you for the future of Survarium!

Survarium updated to version 0.19a

Through the entire January the team have been working full-throttle to update the current Beta of Survarium and finally, we are happy to inform a big content patch upgrading the game to version 0.19a has been uploaded to the game servers.

February Calendar Released

Dear Survivors, can you believe we are already into the second month of 2014?! As tradition dictates we are glad to present you with another new monthly desktop calendar, this time from Rudnya. Enjoy!

New in-game screens

The Media section of the website has been updated with new screenshots. Today we've got new still shots from several in-game locations - Rudnya, School, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky fort – all added to the gallery. The images display the latest modifications to the game levels and the weather effects in Survarium.

F.A.Q. Updated

Keeping with our promise of always doing our very best to stay in touch with our community and keep you all up to date with progress, we’re happy to inform you that the FAQ has been updated with a few items.

Server Downtime

Dear Survivors, we would just like to inform you that from 3am to 7am (Moscow time) our servers will be offline for routine maintenance. We expect the game and website to respond a bit faster once work has been done. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll let you know as soon as they are back online.

January Calendar Released

A new year is upon us and we’re starting it off with a fresh calendar. This year sees us approach the monthly calendars in a slightly different design interpretation. We really hope you enjoy this atmospheric shot from the Tarakanovsky Fort location.