Developer Diary #7 Released

Things have really changed a lot in the past few months, the game has progressed a great deal. It’s getting bigger, better and more beautiful as each day passes. Catch up on all the latest developments with the seventh instalment of the video diary series. Learn about two new locations, Tarakanovsky Fort and Mamayev Kurgan, the current build status of the game and our plans going forward for the next few months.

New Location Revealed

The world of Survarium, much like the Forest that continues to engulf the world, is forever expanding. Today we are pleased to present to you 4 new screenshots from the never-before-seen location “Tarakanovsky Fort”. This brutal and yet beautiful area is the home of The Fringe Settlers and therefore is right on the end of the safe zone.

Screenshots Updated

Attention Survivors, today we have spent some time updating the “Screenshots” section of our website. Rather than a selection of screenshots from just one location, we have opted to upload 12 never-before-seen screenshots, 3 from each of the 4 current locations, Rudnya, Chemical Plant, Radar Station and School. We hope you enjoy them!

Concept Art Updated

We’re pleased to announce that the official "Concept Art" section of our website has been updated. Some elements may be familiar to you already, but we think that despite this, they are still very interesting. Enjoy!

November Calendar Released

We’re into the second last month of what has been a very busy year of development. Holidays are just around the corner but until then, work continues at full steam. Today we present you with a new calendar for the forthcoming month of November, taken from deep inside Rudnya. Enjoy it!

Screenshots Added

We are pleased to announce that we have updated "screenshots" area of our website. A collection of images from "Rudnya" including the pictures already published earlier across our community network pages and some brand new, never-before screens too! Enjoy!

Concept Art Section Launched

The official Survarium website has got a new media section named Concept Art! Here you can enjoy the artworks of in-game locations, anomalies and landscapes.

Photo contest started

New contest started! Find an area of residence that showcases interesting buildings, architectural structures or industrial facilities that fit perfectly into the style of our game, Survarium, photograph them and send us the pictures!

Lasertag tournament - Survarium: Clean Air

Over the 12th and 13th of October in Svitlovodsk (Ukraine) a military-themed laser tag game "Survarium: Clean Air" Took place. The event attracted more than 100 participants from different countries. Vostok Games decided not to limit themselves to being just the organisers and sent some of our employees to the battlefield.

Igromir 2013 Report

Last week was a busy one for us, attending the biggest games tradeshow in Russia, Igromir 2013. A total of more than 130,000 people attended the even over the 3 days that it was open to the public; a hugely entertaining and exciting way to spend a weekend.

New video Scavengers vs Black Market on Rudnya

We are glad to introduce a new video with demonstration of PvP gameplay of Scavengers vs Black Market fighting on Rudnya location in Survarium. The video was created based on an early version of the game and does not represent the final quality of the project.

October Calendar Released!

Ten months have flown by in such a short time. The month ahead will be a busy one as we continue our work on all things Survarium. Having said that, let us present this month’s calendar taken from the "Rudnya" location. Enjoy it!