Survarium Update 0.52 Preview

Hi Everyone! it is time to talk in more detail about the upcoming update. Read the preview of Survarium’s Update 0.52 and find out what key changes we have made & what will be available in the game soon!

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Today we bring you an interview with 3D Artist Arthur Lugansky. Which manufacturers of weapons does Vostok Games cooperate with? This question and more are answered!

Survarium's Latest Patch 0.51c5 Available Now

Survarium Patch 0.51c5 is now available! Launch Survarium to download and install the patch. Read the complete list of changes in the patch in the full version of the news. See you in the game!

LISTEN: Podcast With Developers

We spent some time talking with Oleg and Dima to find out what lies in store for Survarium's future, what technical aspects we can expect to see improved, what to expect with the next update, Survarium 0.52.

Check Out New Survarium Fan Art

Check out new fan art in the gallery of the Community page! Big thanks to our fans who complement the world of Survarium with their artistic talent. Take a look at what they have created!

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Take a break from the battles in Survarium and read an interview with one of our level designers, Artem Nor. Is it possible to master this profession by studying yourself? Artem answered these and many other questions.