Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy (hereinafter - Policy) relates to all personal data which the Administration and/or its affiliated persons can obtain on the User during its use of the Site Resources. All terms and definitions stated in the present Policy shall have meanings stipulated in the User Agreement (

Hereby, the User confirms that by initiating the use of any of the Site Resources/ its individual features, or by going through the registration procedure, User unconditionally accepts all of the provisions of the present Policy and provides its implicit consent to the collection, processing and disclosure of its personal data at the terms and conditions stated in the present Policy. In case if the User declines any of the provisions of the present Policy, User should refrain from providing own personal data to the Administration and/or its affiliated persons.

1. Personal data collected and processed by the Administration

1.1. The following shall be considered as the "User's personal data" within the frame of the present Policy:

1.1.1. Personal data independently provided by the User during the registration (creation of the Account and the Profile) as well as during the use of the Site Resources by the User.
If the User fails to provide the personal data which is considered as mandatory for filling in and is specifically marked, User fully or partially forfeits its abilities to use the Site Resources.
Present Policy must not list as mandatory the information related to racial identity, ethnicity, political, religious and philosophical views, health condition of the User.
Such and other data can be provided by the User at his own discretion.
The User shall have the right to set up privacy settings which allow specifing the accessibility of User’s own information by the other users.

1.1.2. Data, automatically recorded during the visit of the User to the Site, including the IP address of the User's computer, operating system information, browser type (or any other software through which the access is made), date and time of the visit, User's activity, web-sites visited via the Site, URL-address of the web-site used to access the Site, URL-address of the web-site to which the User might be able to go via the link from the Site.
In addition, information obtained from the web-browser of the User through the cookies - data, stored at the User's hard drive and containing its own personal data, shall also be automatically recorded. Cookie files, web-beacons or other similar technologies allowing to make User's visits to the Site more comfortable and individualized, in particular: to identify the User, store its preferences information, speed-up and qualitatively improve search process, set up the content and ads presented to User's attention at the Site.

1.1.3. Information provided by the User during the subscription to the SMS-notifications to be sent directly to the User's mobile device (in particular, User's telephone number).

1.1.4. Details of the money transactions conducted via the Site Resources, as well as the data on the processing and execution of the Users' orders.

1.1.5. Other information about the User, collection and/or provision of which is stipulated in the documents at the individual Site Resources.

2. Purposes for collection and processing of the User's personal data

2.1. The Administration shall collect and store only the personal data required for the use of the Site Resources by the User.

2.2. The administration shall have the right to use the User's personal data for the following purposes:

2.2.1. identification of the User within the frames of the agreements with the Administration;

2.2.2. provision of the individualized Resources to the User;

2.2.3. interfacing with the User, including via the notices and requests related to the use of the Site Resources;

2.2.4. improvement of the Site Resources’ quality, ease of their use, development of the new Resources;

2.2.5. targeting of the advertising materials;

2.2.6. provision of the User's personal data to the other Site users in accordance with provisions of the art. 3.2 of the present Policy;

2.2.7. conduction of the statistical or other research based on the anonymous data.

3. Terms and conditions for processing of the User's personal data and provision of such to the third parties

3.1. The Administration shall store the User's personal data in accordance with the internal regulations of the specific Site Resources.

3.2. Confidentiality of the User's personal data shall be maintained unless the User voluntarily makes general publication of its own personal data (for instance, in chat discussions, at the forum, posting comments, participating in the surveys). When using the individual Resources, the User consents that certain portion of its personal data shall become publicly known.

3.3. The Administration shall have the right to relay User's personal data to the third parties in case if:

3.3.1. the User expressed its consent to such actions;

3.3.2. such data transfer is required within the frame of the use of the certain Site Resource by the User;

3.3.3. such transfer is made during the sale or other transfer of the ownership rights to the Site (fully or in part), while all responsibility on compliance with the provisions of the present Policy in relation to the personal data obtained by the new owner shall be transferred to such new owner;

3.3.4. the official request from the state authority issued in accordance with the current Legislation was made;

3.3.5. it is required to secure capability to protect the rights and legal interests of the Administration and third parties (in particular, if the User violates the User Agreement);

3.3.6. in other cases stipulated by the Legislation.

3.4 Anonymous information can be relayed to the third parties, such as analytical companies and advertising networks, for collection of the statistical data with the purpose of their further use in the industrial analysis, ads conversion tracking and/or conduction of the demographic profiling.

4. Modification of the personal data by the User

4.1. The User shall be able to modify (update, amend) provided personal data or its portion via the personal data editing feature, at any time.

5. The measures taken to protect the User's personal data

5.1. The Administration shall take all necessary and adequate organizational and technical measures to protect User's personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, unauthorized disclosure, distribution, as well as from other criminal actions of third parties with such.

5.2. The User shall bear in mind that measures taken cannot guarantee absolute information security of User's personal data during its transfer and storage in the system.

5.3. The User shall exert every effort to preserve the necessary confidentiality of the data it provides as well as use all available technical means to equip its computer with necessary hardware/software components allowing to protect the data transferred and received via Internet from unauthorized access by third parties.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The Administration shall have the right to modify the present Privacy Policy. Upon introduction of changes the current wording shall be dated by the date of the last modification. New wording of the Policy shall come into force upon its publication at the Site unless stipulated otherwise in the new wording of the Policy. Most recent wording can always be found at the following web-page address:

6.2. The present Policy shall apply only to the Site Resources. The Administration shall not monitor and shall bear no responsibility for the third parties web-sites which the User shall be able to access via the hyperlinks available at the Site. The collection of the User's personal data conducted at such web-sites shall be regulated exclusively by the privacy policies of the said web-sites.